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Project Description


Coaching Credentials

Coaching Experience

  • 5 years coaching experience with recreational programs
  • 6 years coaching experience with competitive programs

Playing Experience

  • I began playing soccer during recess in the 6th grade.  I started playing organized soccer for my school, the Jasper-Troupsburg Wildcats, in the 7th grade.  My junior year of high school we were NYS finalists.  I attended Keuka College and played division III intercollegiate soccer for four years.  I have played on various adult recreational teams through 2014.

About Me

  • I’m a fan of the beautiful game.  I love the complexity and simplicity of soccer.  I love that success in soccer is about preparation and composure over size and strength.  I love that the lessons learned on the soccer pitch are great lessons for life (confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, decision making, the value of hard work and hard play, etc.).
  • I have followed several teams over the years.  My loyalty is more to the beauty of the game than to a particular team.  I began as a fan of Ajax of Amsterdam in the 90’s and as a player patterned much of my play after Clarence Seedorf and Marc Overmars.  Most recently I’ve been a fan of Pep Guardiola and try to take some coaching tips from his approach.
  • I believe that soccer should be fun and as much as I love it, it is a game, it is a players game.  As a coach I feel my job is to create the environment necessary to help my players learn.  I create challenges and problems within games for them to solve with the understanding that this is the highest level of learning and gives them the tools to solve novel problems.