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Our U8 developmental program to prepare players for competitive play.

U8 Academy Program

Our new U8 Academy program is an introduction to competitive soccer for players born in 2010. It is the ideal progression for graduates of Folsom Soccer Club’s U7 Academy program and all other 6 & 7 year olds interested in a longer season. We understand the importance of age-appropriate training methods and
instilling a real love for the game and our coaches will create an environment that is challenging, safe and ultimately fun!

The U8 Academy players will also participate in 4v4 playdates with other clubs in the Sacramento region.

Academy Program Details

  • A unique offering to our 2010 players starting in February 2017

  • Training sessions twice a week with a professional coach and club technical director

  • Dates: March to October/November

  • Cost: $70/month plus jersey fee

  • Location:  El Dorado Hills

  • Time: TBD

  • Registration is now open (players are encouraged to register alongside our U9-U11 players during January tryouts)

Register Online Now

*Payments should be sent to:

Folsom Lake Earthquakes
P.O. Box 821
Folsom, CA 95763-0821


Technical- Develop basic soccer skills

  • Ball familiarity
  • Dribbling using all surfaces of the foot
  • How to receive and control the ball
  • Turning and changes of direction
  • 1v1 Attacking moves
  • Short passing
  • Shooting

*Activities will include lots of repetition and all skills will be worked on with both left and right foot*

Tactical- Develop basic decision making skills

  • Teach an understanding of the game itself
  • 1v1s
  • 2v1s
  • 2v2s

Physical- Develop basic motor skills

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Cognitive development
  • Awareness
  • Perception

Psychosocial- Develop social interaction skills

  • Teach a love for the game
  • Increase confidence
  • Build self esteem
  • Introduce the idea of teamwork
  • Promote good sportsmanship and respect


Summer Academy Program

For families not wishing to make the commitment at this time of year can consider the Folsom Soccer Club Summer Academy. This program runs May- July for 10 weeks. The purpose of the FSC Summer Academy is to bridge the gap between recreational and competitive soccer with more structured training all while having fun with friends.

  • Training sessions once a week with a club technical director and volunteer coaches

  • Dates: May to July (10 weeks)

  • Cost: $100

  • Location:  Folsom

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